A personal word from Director, Steve King

I do trust that you are safe and well in these strange times. I pray for you as you face inevitable challenges coping with all the pandemic has thrown at us and as you adapt to whatever the future might bring to you and your family.

It is with sadness and regret that we found ourselves in a position whereby we had no reasonable alternative but to cancel Celc Summer School 2021. I am so sorry for all those that have been disappointed – students, recruiting agents, staff, our venue, suppliers…

The severe restrictions placed upon those travelling to the UK meant that few families felt able to commit to sending their 13-16yr-old children to the UK. There would have been complications, additional expense, long queues at the airport and a reduced programme.

Other big summer schools were forced into the same decision. It is such a shame.

We know that after more than a year of lockdowns, reduced schooling and curtailed social lives, young people all around the world are so keen to travel, to join summer school programmes, make new friends, see new things, improve their English… We understand this and are already planning towards Celc Summer School 2022! We hope and pray that the world will be back to something much closer to normal by then.

Keep an eye on our website and social media posts. SS22 details will be available before too long!

And, I also regret to say that our year-round programmes based at our centre in Christchurch will not be re-opening. This was a terribly difficult decision to make and is full of sadness after 44 years of welcoming so many thousands of wonderful students from all over the world.

Celc is now partnering with Bournemouth school of English in a variety of ways. I have personally joined its team and am very confident to recommend it if you are aged 16 – 80 years of age and looking for an English course in a beautiful part of the UK. If you would like to ask me questions about BSE, please use this form.

Through the difficulties brought about by the pandemic, it has been important to me to uphold my personal, and Celc’s historic, ethos & values, no matter what. We have refunded all fees to students and to groups that had paid but could not attend their programmes.

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Do stay safe and well, 

Steve King
Aug 2021


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