Celc – a Cambridge Exam Preparation Centre

rounded-rob-120hWe are proud to be an official Cambridge Exam Preparation Centre. We are also very pleased that our longest serving teacher, Rob Barron, is a senior examiner (to CPE) with Cambridge.

Rob has been preparing students for a variety of exams for many years.

Our pass rate is remarkably good – almost 100% through the past five years! 

 We prepare students for:

Our exam preparation / IELTS test preparation classes take place between 08.00-09.00, Monday – Friday and are in addition to the 15 hours of General English classes taken by every student. This is the very best combination to ensure that your level of English competency increases while being offered specialist exam training, guidance and practise with past papers.

15 Hours General English + 5 hours Exam Prep page

IELTS Preparation page

You can read our Exam Entry Policy here