Meet Ana from Ecuador

So, what made you want to come to England to study English?
Well first of all, my aspiration for the future is to travel and study in another country. One of my goals is to study art but in Ecuador it’s not respected so much as a profession, but in the USA, for example, it is. So I need English to travel. Also, the English we learn at school is with a British accent, so I wanted to get used to it more by coming here. I also wanted to experience a new culture and I knew the culture here was very different to Ecuador. I wanted to visit the different places and learn things that could be useful in the future.

Was England as you expected?
Honestly I didn’t have any expectations! I just came here to see everything. When I heard that we were going to stay in a small town, I was surprised because I thought we were going to stay in London. It was like being in a film here! I’d never seen the red post boxes before! I felt like I was in a Harry Potter film. Everything looks elegant here.

I thought the weather would be the same as Quito, but it was much colder here!

The way people behave here is very different. They are very polite. When we ask for directions in the streets, the people always smile and try to help. Not everyone is reserved, but in my family they are!

How was your experience of living with an English family?
My host family are quite reserved and always on time! My host mother talks to us the most. The kids play with us. They also have two cute dogs, called Woody and Rolo. I think all the host families are different. The food is really different. They don’t use as many condiments as in Ecuador – I think it’s healthier!

What’s the most memorable moment of your time here in England?
When I went to Salisbury Cathedral. I was just amazed at how they built everything! When I heard it was 100 years ago I couldn’t believe that they were able to create such detail in the walls and the ceiling. What was amazing in Bath was when we went to a museum to see portraits and some spoons from the 1720s. They also showed a meal from that time, which was really interesting. I was amazed by the way they used to cook and do things before the technology that we have today. I enjoyed learning about all the history of England!

Is there anything you’d like to warn other students who are thinking of coming to England about?
Bring more than one pair of shoes because you are going to do a lot of walking! Also, make sure you keep your room tidy as you are with another family so it’s a way to be respectful. Don’t spend your money on everything you see. Some people spent all their money during the first week, but then they didn’t have much left for the following weeks. It’s not just about buying clothes here. You should spend your money on things that will amaze you.

Sleep! Sometimes we tend to stay awake late and then we feel tired for class. If you want to really enjoy it then you need to be energetic, so make sure you get good sleep!

Coming here has helped to inspire me with my drawing. I’m making a story at the moment and being here has given me more ideas of things to draw and practice drawing, for example the different types of building and the clothes from the Victorian times.