Meet Marcela Duque, Age 21 from Colombia

So, what made you want to come to England to study English?
The main reason I need to study English is for university, but I think English is the most important language in the world and is the most spoken language in the world.

I had a choice between England and the USA, but I chose England because the culture, the people and the traditions are completely different to my country. I also wanted to learn English in the place where English was born and to learn the British accent – this would be amazing for me. I also have a sister in law and a cousin who came to England to study at CELC and they said it was great.

Was England as you expected?
We expect people in England to always be drinking tea and stuff like that, but actually they are normal people – there are all different kinds of people, which is nice; it makes me feel like in my country.

How was your experience of living with an English family?
I have lived with 3 different families, they were completely different, but they were all good. They all treated me like a family member, which was really nice. The houses were really good, my room was always nice and they always tried to involve me in their activities. I even went to see a Bournemouth football match – it was completely great!

What’s the most memorable moment of your time here in England?
For me, Durdle Door was the best trip because the landscape was just wow! I felt so small looking at the gigantic ocean, because we had to climb a big hill, but when we got to the top, we could see 360 degrees; I could see the sea and a small town – it was beautiful.

Another thing is that the people that I met here are amazing. They are like your family and when you have to say goodbye to them it is really sad, but you are happy because you know you have spent a good time with them.

Is there anything you’d like to warn other students that are thinking of coming to England about?
If you want to learn in England, you have to have an open mind. In my country I was very picky with food, but you have to lose that and here I learned to eat everything. Also, you really have to try to speak English, because you will find people who speak your own language and you will be tempted to speak your own language because for you it will be easier.

When you go home, what will you miss most?
I will miss the school family. I will miss the teachers, the students… this school is a family.