• It’s more about enjoying the countryside and the views. The food is healthier here too. Not only can you improve your English while here at the school, but you can also meet people from all over the world, which is really amazing! In terms of the school, it is amazing to be together with other people who have the same values and faith. The International Meal is a good memory for me. I loved seeing students from all different countries Read More
  • Our host family are really nice. I want to take them back with me to Brazil! They take good care of us all the time. They really want to know how we are feeling or if we need anything. They are like our family here, not just in name. My host mum always wakes up early to give us a cup of tea and every night she comes up to give some chocolate. She’s like a real mum to us. Read More
  • My host mother is a very good person! I like fashion and she’s very fashionable, which impressed me! She’s very easy-going. She helps me with my English every day by speaking with me. I watch the TV with her every day, so it’s good listening and discussion practice. It’s a good time. Also, her cooking is really good! The house is also very clean and well-decorated. From the house to the school it only takes 5 to 10 minutes, which Read More
  • My oral marks even doubled! (In our system 15 points are the best). Thanks to your work I got much more confident in speaking and writing English so that I finished school in July with a definitely good result in English without any problems. I felt so very welcomed and comfortable in your school. One can quickly notice that all of you apply so much love in what you do. Please keep on doing so for that many other students Read More
  • The team here at Celc is very good.  Everyone knows what they must do and the students get a lot of help.  The school is very well organised; the teachers are gifted and very professional and we learn a lot from them.  All of the staff have a very real interest in each student and we are all treated equally.  The staff try their best to understand us with a lot of patience and love. Read More
  • We had good conversations every evening, the food was tasty and the room was comfortable too. I stayed with two different families and both of them were really nice people. There was a good atmosphere. They often took me on walks. They showed me Christchurch and told me about the history of the town and other things. They also gave me advice about how to improve my English because they helped correct my mistakes, which I found very useful. Read More
  • England is closer to other European countries, so it's easier to visit them. I wanted to study here in Christchurch because it's a small town and the cost of living is less. It's easier to get around too. I think England is very rich in culture. You can learn about so many things. You can live through history here by seeing the buildings. The countryside is very beautiful too. It's like a vintage movie here! Read More
  • I found people here are very friendly, which is so nice and when I need help they help a lot. The weather here has also been very nice. My host family is very nice here. They cook fresh food, which is very nice and they help me a lot when I ask. My host parents are very friendly and they have a very nice dog, which I like because I also have a dog. Read More
  • I found that English people are very polite when speaking to each other. They are also very helpful, particularly when I need directions and advice. My host family are very friendly; they said ‘My house is your house’, which made me feel very comfortable.  When I come home, they talk a lot with me, particularly at meal times.  They also play games, like monopoly, uno, cluedo and lots of other kids’ stuff – I enjoy this very much. Read More
  • Another thing was that I felt so comfortable with my classmates here. I was able to be myself fully – not the Chilean teacher any more! We had some really funny moments in class together that made my stay more enjoyable. I think with it being a Christian school, it fosters a family atmosphere where everyone is important and respected. Every day was a happy day. It was nice to come here, even though I've been missing my family back home! Read More
  • When I thought about doing the language stay I talked with the agency and I told them that I would like to go to a small city. They showed me Christchurch and CELC and I loved it. I didn’t want to go to a big city like London because there are more Brazilian people there and I was running from Brazilian people J. I didn’t know that CELC was a Christian school and it was a good surprise for me. Read More
  • My experience here was unforgettable, so I would encourage other students to come! I learned more here about overcoming challenges and going outside of my comfort zone (for example, speaking English!!). The teachers here are very welcoming and accepting. They are very professional in what they do. They explain things well and understand our challenges when learning English. The directors are really good too. They are kind and very approachable. Read More
  • I had no idea what to expect about English people, but they were really kind and friendly. I’ve had a good experience with British people here. For example, when I went to the train station once I wasn’t sure how to buy a ticket and a man came over to help me without me even asking. Of course, the teachers, staff and classmates are also really kind, as well as my host family. Read More
  • My host family is very kind. They are all very welcoming. When I arrived they said “Make yourself at home!”. Whenever I come home they always ask me about my day and are interested in me. I can always ask them questions when I have them, including questions about the differences between my country and England. They’re also interested in my life back home in Germany. The food is very good! Read More
  • I prefer visiting the smaller towns than the bigger places. I liked London too though – the London Eye, Buckingham Palace and the place where they recorded 'Britain's Got Talent'. I loved seeing all the Cathedrals. They are amazing. Visiting Oxford was also a really fascinating experience, because when I heard people talking about Oxford University I imagined it differently. It had a really interesting history too. Bath was also really interesting. I didn't know the Romans came to England to Read More
  • It was like being in a film here! I'd never seen the red post boxes before! I felt like I was in a Harry Potter film. Everything looks elegant here. I thought the weather would be the same as Quito, but it was much colder here! The way people behave here is very different. They are very polite. When we ask for directions in the streets, the people always smile and try to help. Not everyone is reserved, but in Read More
  • England was better than I expected. Before I came here, I was a little nervous, but I didn’t have to worry about anything. Christchurch was very beautiful and calm. It was a good environment to study English. It was also safer and English people were kinder than I expected. It made me want to stay longer. My host family was very kind. Read More
  • I would really like to recommend this school to people in my age-group and even older, because people my age often like to travel around and they can improve their English. It’s not an expensive holiday if you’re coming from Switzerland because you can get cheap flights, you can get here very fast. Everything is provided – the homestay and the food. Read More
  • It is better to learn a language in the country of origin, because you get more practice, so England is a good choice. I want to become a primary school teacher, so I needed to take the Cambridge Advanced Exam and Celc offered an exam preparation course for this.  It was a good course and you feel really prepared and confident for the exam. Read More
  • I've been in two host families. Before I came I thought it would be difficult, but the first day the family was so welcoming to me! I like staying with a host family whenever I go somewhere to study. It's useful for me for practising my English. My first host-mother was a really good cook – I enjoyed her food a lot! Read More
  • The main purpose of my time here in England was volunteering at a church, but I needed a certain score in IELTS to apply for an English University, so I came to Celc to improve my essay writing skills. This is my second time at the school. I knew some of the teachers already and how the school worked, so I decided come back again. Read More
  • about a year ago I decided that I want to study more at university and most of the materials are in English, so I knew I had to improve my English first. I have visited quite a few European countries and I expected it to be a bit like them, which it is. One difference is that people say ‘thank you’ and ‘please’ a lot and they are very friendly. Read More
  • The culture here is very different – especially the rules (like on the roads)! Everything is in order – so different to Mozambique! Our English has improved in all ways because we speak everyday with Mama Jill. We learn everything in English. Don’t worry about feeling different if you’re from another culture. Everyone is friendly! Read More
  • It was a happy family and a good family, I like them. They took me to Bournemouth and we played bowling, which was good. The food was good and they bought Halal meat for me. I was very comfortable in my room, it was nice. I enjoyed all the trips, but my favourite is Durdle door. It is a beautiful place and it is the first time I went on a boat. It was great! Also, I enjoyed the lessons; Read More
  • My host mother wrote for me on pieces of paper every day any words that I didn't understand. She taught me lots of words. She helped me a lot; I love her. She cooked very well and always asked me what I wanted, she was very generous – she cooked rice just for me. Read More
  • Before I came here I heard that it was always raining and quite cold. But it's been okay! I thought English people might be a bit colder than they are, but my host family and teachers are very warm. Read More
  • I was pleased that English people seem to be very happy to have foreigners in their towns. England is a beautiful place and CELC was great. My friend came to CELC last year and told me CELC was great and I wasn’t disappointed. Read More
  • I came last year because a friend of my mother told me about it, and as I found it really good I decided to come back again. It's good to be in a school to practice my English, so that I can work on my grammar and vocabulary. It was good to meet new people there. I had to switch between French and English to explain some things to people, so it was good practice for me! Both years I've Read More
  • My experience was really really good. They care for me like I'm part of their family and they try to help me with everything, like my school work and my life here in general. They know that I really value good food, so they really try to give me what I like. I get on really well with the family and we do lots of stuff together, such as going to the beach and shopping. Read More
  • Celc is very good for improving your English. Also, I like that it is Christian because there are many groups, like Bible study, that you can go to. Also, this school has a lot of activities compared to other schools. Read More
  • I always talk with my host grandmother every Sunday and she talks to me a lot about British history. We've also had some parties together. They loved my Chinese song which I sang for them on their birthdays.... Getting to know lots of friends from different countries has been very memorable. I was happy to introduce my country's culture and food to them. My favourite memory was cooking Chinese food for friends at Chinese New Year. Read More
  • England is the best place to study because I wanted to be in a country where people speak English and England is the nearest to my own country ..... I really enjoy my host family, they were very cheerful and the children are very noisy! It is a very vibrant house and I will miss them when I leave. I think it is very helpful to speak with the children and to always hear English ..... you will have an unforgettable experience. Read More
  • I was introduced to CELC by a man called Adam (originally from Bournemouth), who is a teacher in my company back in China. He recommended this area and school for studying English. .... My host family is very nice. They treat me like part of the family, asking if I’ve slept well, etc. They give us a lot of attention, checking if we’re okay. If I came back here with a friend, I would introduce them to my host mother. .... If Read More
  • I think if you want to study English, you need to be in a country where it is the first language. You can study English in your country, but it’s not the same because at home you only use it in class, but in England you have to speak it all the time. .... Before I arrived here, I was scared because I never met the family and I didn’t know what they were like, but I have a beautiful host Read More
  • For my job I thought it would be useful. People around me, like my colleagues and boss, encouraged me to come. It’s also useful for travelling in the future. I wanted to come to England (rather than America, etc), because it’s the “real” English! Also the distance between Switzerland and England is short. .... I have really enjoyed my stay in England so far and especially in CELC. I had such a good time! It was like a dream for me. Read More
  • I had a choice between England and the USA, but I chose England because the culture, the people and the traditions are completely different to my country. I also wanted to learn English in the place where English was born and to learn the British accent – this would be amazing for me. I also have a sister in law and a cousin who came to England to study at CELC and they said it was great. .... For me, Durdle Door Read More
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Meet Mohammed from Oman

So, what made you want to come to England to study English?
I need English to learn at university in Sri Lanka.  I will study aviation engineering and, absolutely, I need English for this.  My friend said that British English is a more correct form than American English, so I decided to come here. My friend said that Celc was a good school where I would be with many other nationalities, so I would have to speak English more.

Was England as you expected?
The weather, I know, is cold!  The people smile a lot and say ‘sorry… no problem’ a lot too.  My auntie told me that fish and chips is delicious and now I have tried it, I agree with her. I found that the streets were very clean where I lived, which was nice.

How was your experience of living with an English family?
It was a happy family and a good family, I like them.  They took me to Bournemouth and we played bowling, which was good.  The food was good and they bought Halal meat for me.  I was very comfortable in my room, it was nice.

What’s the most memorable moment of your time here in England?
I enjoyed all the trips, but my favourite is Durdle door.  It is a beautiful place and it is the first time I went on a boat. It was great!  Also, I enjoyed the lessons; the teachers have a beautiful style to explain the grammar and vocabulary.  They were very helpful.

Is there anything you’d like to warn other students who are thinking of coming to England about?
I don’t know.  Maybe, don’t worry about people in England; they are good people.  They are not very different to us.