Meet Narciso and Samuel from Mozambique

So, what made you want to come to England to study English?
Narciso: It was my dream to come to England and improve my English. Having good English can help me get a good job or maybe go to University. I decided to come to England because I have family here (my English adoptive mum), but also because England is very interesting to me.

Sam: Like Narciso, coming to England was my dream! It was an opportunity to improve my English.

Was England as you expected?
Narciso: My mum told us to prepare for the winter, so we expected it to be much colder, but when we came here (in the summer) it wasn’t that cold! I thought that the people might make us feel uncomfortable because of our colour and nationality, but everyone was really friendly and welcoming!
The culture here is very different – especially the rules (like on the roads)! Everything is in order – so different to Mozambique! Also, it’s very quiet here compared to Mozambique!

Sam: It was different. I thought it would be snowing a lot, but when I got here it was sunny! It was warmer than I expected. The people were kind and friendly.

How was your experience of living with an English family?
Narciso: It was interesting. We’ve been so long without living together with our English mum. Since I’ve been here I’ve learned so many things. We spend every day talking together. Our English has improved in all ways because we speak everyday with Mama Jill. We learn everything in English.

Sam: It’s good because it’s been our opportunity to live with our mum in her house and having opportunities to talk with her every day. I share things I’ve never shared before. I go out places with her. Also, I’ve improved my English because when we are here we speak English every day. Sometimes she teaches us idioms. Every day we play word games and learn idiom phrases with her.

What’s the most memorable moment of your time here in England?
Narciso: My birthday was very memorable. I’d never had one like that before. I was so surprised – I had a party and Chris brought in a cake for me at school! My time here is full of good memories – all the students are friendly, and teachers – everyone. I’m so grateful that everyone has supported me. We laugh everyday with the teachers. I have so many memories!

Sam: The first time I went on a zipline is a great memory – I didn’t know it would be so fun! Mum also had a go! It was very good. I really enjoyed it. Also, the school trips were amazing for me – great opportunity. I’ve seen many beautiful places.

Is there anything you’d like to warn other students who are thinking of coming to England about?
Narciso: Prepare to have fun and to be in a family! Maybe for Mozambicans though, one thing to know is that the rules are different!

Sam: Don’t worry about feeling different if you’re from another culture. Everyone is friendly!