Meet Midori from Japan

So, what made you want to come to England to study English?
I asked my agent which country would be best for studying English and she said England. I’d been to America before, but I thought that if I went to England I would be able to visit Europe too, which I did – I went to Paris a couple of weeks ago!

My agent gave me six schools to choose from and I chose this one! I chose CELC because this school has a lot of other activities outside of lessons. I don’t like to study the whole day. Also, my agent told me there wouldn’t be many other Japanese students at the school, which is what I wanted. I’m glad I came here now!

Was England as you expected?
Before I came I didn’t think that England would have many places to visit, so I thought it might be a bit boring, but it wasn’t true! We had many school trips (twice a week) and I visited many places, which I enjoyed. I particularly enjoyed Durdle Door.

I had no idea what to expect about English people, but they were really kind and friendly. I’ve had a good experience with British people here. For example, when I went to the train station once I wasn’t sure how to buy a ticket and a man came over to help me without me even asking. Of course, the teachers, staff and classmates are also really kind, as well as my host family.

How was your experience of living with an English family?
It was really exciting! I had three other housemates so every day I had a great time with them and my host family likes to go to exciting places, so they took us on their boat in the sea. Also, we went to an amusement park in Christchurch with them.

Also, they cooked really well – they cooked meals with rice for me which was really nice.

What’s the most memorable moment of your time here in England?
Going to the Lake District with my housemate Barbara was one of my most memorable moments here. We organised the whole trip by ourselves. It was really fun for me! We arrived there at night and there were no lights so we could see many stars. It was so beautiful. During the day we went to mountains and lakes – beautiful nature.

I enjoyed the classes here. I was really surprised by how interactive the classes were. The teachers and students were talking together and it wasn’t just students listening to the teacher the whole time.

I also enjoyed going to Paris for the weekend too! Everyone could speak English in Paris, so I actually got to practice my English there too!

It might be a good idea to study a bit of English before you come so you feel more ready when you arrive.

It’s good to join the school trips because they are so cheap. If I had to organise the same trips by myself they would be more expensive. When I join the school activities I was able to practice my English with other students and had a lot of conversation practice. Also, make sure you bring good shoes for walking as we sometimes do some walking on the trips.