Meet Stefan from Switzerland

So, what made you want to come to England to study English?
I haven’t used English for the last 4 years during my apprenticeship and I wanted to start again because it is important for travel and also for work. I heard of Celc through my internship with the Leonardo Da Vinci Project and UK Guardians.

Was England as you expected?
I was surprised how many students are at the school. It has been fun mixing with so many people.  Other than that, I found that English people are very polite when speaking to each other.  They are also very helpful, particularly when I need directions and advice.

How was your experience of living with an English family?
My host family are very friendly; they said ‘My house is your house’, which made me feel very comfortable.  When I come home, they talk a lot with me, particularly at meal times. They also play games, like monopoly, uno, cluedo and lots of other kids’ stuff – I enjoy this very much. My host father also drinks whiskey and rum, which I like, so we have shared a drink quite a few times!  The English also drink a ridiculous amount of tea and coffee!

What’s the most memorable moment of your time here in England?
Meeting people from other countries has been great – particularly people from Brazil.  Our trip to Durdle Door was especially memorable. However, every day has been a new experience and I have enjoyed them all, but being with new friends is what makes the time so special.

Is there anything you’d like to warn other students that are thinking of coming to England about?
Be careful crossing the street – look both ways!  I would also tell future students to make friends from other countries because it helps to improve your English as you must speak English to communicate with them, this is not easy, but it is good for you. I would also recommend people watch English TV or films or read an English book before they come and also during their time here in England.

I would also recommend the course I am doing, mixing English language learning with an internship.