Meet Yoo from

So, what made you want to come to England to study English?
My pastor recommended coming to England and to this school. He knew about Celc before. He told me Celc was a Christian school so you could have more fellowship, so that’s why I chose it. Also, I prefer British English โ€“ Koreans like it more! Coming to England to study English was my dream, so when I spoke to my pastor that’s when he told me about this school.

Was England as you expected?
The weather was much better than I expected! Before I came here I heard that it was always raining and quite cold. But it’s been okay! I thought English people might be a bit colder than they are, but my host family and teachers are very warm.

I heard that English food is just potatoes โ€“ and that’s true! ๐Ÿ™‚

I heard that English churches don’t have so many young people, which I found to be true. But I also heard that British people don’t have a very strong faith, which I found wasn’t true!

How was your experience of living with an English family?
Very nice! A friend from my church in Korea, who studied at the school before me, recommended the family to me, so that’s how I ended up living with them. They are like friends and parents to me. At dinner time they talk to me about many things, like English culture, and they ask me about what I learned at school that day.

Sometimes I go fishing with my host dad. We use his motor-boat. When I first arrived in England he helped me to figure how to get the bus and buy a bike, etc. So they are very helpful.

What’s the most memorable moment of your time here in England?
Every Tuesday I go to a bible study at a pastor’s house in Boscombe. It’s my favourite time of the week, because I enjoy the fellowship and I can hear stories from British Christians. It’s also good for my English.

Also, the lessons themselves have been very memorable because I’ve been able to learn English from native speakers, which has been exciting.

Is there anything you’d like to warn other students whoย are thinking of coming to England about?
Be careful of English food! ๐Ÿ™‚ Bring Korean snacks with you!

Have fun! Normally Koreans are good at sitting at a desk and studying hard โ€“ particularly grammar and vocab. They should go and meet English people and talk! If you learn something you have to practice it with English people. You can study grammar and vocabulary in Korea, but speaking to native speakers isn’t so possible in our country! Have fun!