Social Activities

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rounded-chris-120h“We know that it is very important for you to improve your English, and we will make this a top priority. We also know that while you are on your English language course in the UK, you also want to enjoy new experiences, make friends and have a lot of fun. It is our job to make this happen.”

Your classes are in the morning.  We offer the following additional activities and hope that you will want to take part, although you can choose not to. All excursions are operated by Celc Social Club, which is non-profit-making and exists to ensure students enjoy their free time.

Cultural Studies

These are one hour presentations and discussions on a Monday afternoon. We cover all sorts of interesting topics, such as: English food; British politics; popular sports; the Royal Family; English history; the educational system in English schools. (No cost)

Sports and Beach Activities

Depending on the weather and the time of year we organise sports activities each Tuesday afternoon in the local sports centre, cricket in the park, volleyball on the beach, and lots more. (No cost)


Every Wednesday afternoon Celc Social Club organises an excursion to a local place of interest. This might be to the New Forest, a designer outlet shopping centre, historic Winchester, a beautiful location on the coast or one of many other choices. (Cost: £15)

On many Saturdays, especially in the Spring and Summer, Celc Social Club organise day trips to places such as: London; Bath; Oxford; theme parks; shopping centres and many other destinations. (Cost: about £25-£30)

Water Sports

Through the warmer months we offer various water sports on Christchurch Harbour, led by qualified instructors. (cost: £18 for 2 hours)

Friday Barbeque

Each Friday lunchtime through the summer we offer a barbeque free of charge in our lovely riverside garden.

Bible Studies

Each Thursday afternoon we lead a one hour Bible study.  We consider all sorts of interesting questions and issues and enjoy exchanging points of view.  (No cost)


From time-to-time we organise social activities in the evenings.  These might include: fondue feasts, English country dancing, pizza & film in our cinema room, trips on the river, themed evenings and much else. (Cost: minimal)


Download our current Social Activities Programme