The Best Time of My Life

“I have enjoyed my stay at Celc very much. I liked it that we had such a family atmosphere.”

“It was the best time of my life! (No joking!) Everything was amazing and I wish I could stay here forever!”

“Thank you to make me feel welcome at Celc. It’s so much easier to study in a great atmosphere.”

“I love my teachers from the beginning, very kind, good role model for young people.”

“I am impressed how much love you put in the school and it’s important to have a relationship to the students.”

“Tooooooo cool and funny! My goodness! O ha ha, I enjoyed it so much!”

“Very good school! I was at 3 language schools but Celc was the best.”

“Thank you for this wonderful time! I learnt a lot and met so many wonderful people! The atmosphere is amazing here. It’s like a big family and the family members change every week. I loved it!”

“Great place to learn. Lots of excursions, lots of different nationalities! I’d definitely recommend it!”

“Lovely, funny and open-minded teachers!”

“…share amazing moments with each classmate and their life stories.”