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Celc is now partnering with Bournemouth School of English.
Celc Director, Steve King, is directly involved, helping to shape programmes and develop various collaborative projects.

Steve King, Celc Director & BSE Marketing Manager

Bournemouth School of English offers a wide range of classes and programmes and is highly regarded for its teaching & learning. It has a convenient and attractive Bournemouth town centre location and helpfully flexible course structure.

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Adult (16yrs+)

General English
Exam Preparation
Private Tuition
Academic Year
Special Offers

Junior (12yrs+)

Closed Groups / Ministays


Bournemouth School of English

Bournemouth School of English

Bournemouth School of English is accredited by the British Council, an organisation that inspects English language schools in Britain to ensure that they meet high standards of quality for those wishing to study English courses in the UK.

It is also a member of English UK & English UK South, the national association of accredited language centres and its regional expression, RALSA, the association of accredited English language schools in Bournemouth, and the IEF, that pulls together all agencies working with international students in our region.

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