Exam Entry Policy


To ensure that students hoping to prepare for and take exams while at Celc understand how we do this, and that students have a very reasonable chance of success, and that Celc’s reputation and pass rate are sensibly guarded.


Students hoping to take an exam while at Celc will be strongly encouraged, before they arrive, to register for the early morning (08:00-09:00, Mon-Fri) Exam Prep classes. These classes are in addition to the General English classes (15hrs per week) taken by all students. Exam Prep classes are carefully crafted and delivered to ensure that exam candidates and those preparing for IELTS are given the best possible preparation and chance to succeed. Celc will not register a student as an exam candidate unless they attend Exam Prep classes. Of course, students are free to register independently and in their own name.


Expectations will be managed carefully, and this will begin on a student’s first morning as part of their induction. Celc reserves the right not to enter a student for an exam if it is felt that they have little chance of success.

All students hoping to take an exam will be set a past paper just before the exam entry date. Students that score within 10% of the pass mark or better will be entered by Celc.  If a student scores less well they will be advised to not enter. If they still choose to enter they must do so independently.

If it is agreed that a student ought to be entered for an exam, then their place will be booked once they have made payment to the school for the amount of the exam fee.

Once a student is entered, Celc will continue to do all it reasonably can to help the student towards success, whether they have been entered by Celc or have registered independently.

Celc reserves the right to refuse to enter an exam if their attendance drops to 80% or if they show a decreasing interest in taking the task seriously.

Author: Steve King
Written: November 2011
Last reviewed: November 2015